Scripting Reference

The BtEngine scripting API was implemented in the C# language. All the BtEngine scripting references listed here are based on the C# language.

Category Description
BtEngine class API Defines a list of static functions to manage, control, and access all the runtime behavior tree component instances and properties in the behavior tree engine system. The BtEngine class API can be classified in the following categories: BtEngine Properties, BtEngine Operations, Group Tree Operations – Engine Level, Forest Properties, Group Tree Operations – Forest Level, Tree Properties, Tree Operations, Node Properties, Node User Attribute and Mono Behavior Node Management.
Mono Behavior Nodes Defines a group of UnityEngine.MonoBehaviour classes that act as the responses of behavior tree nodes from the behavior tree engine on the Unity engine side. Custom node behaviors can be accompolished through scripting by overriding node specific operations in derived classes of these mono behavior nodes: ForestNode, TreeRootNode, DecoratorNode, ConditionNode and ActionNode.
Property Wrappers Defines a group of classes that contain a copy of basic properties of the engine, a forest, a tree or a node instance from the behavior tree engine. Depending on the detail level, all nodes’ properties in the hierarchy can be traversed.
Enums Defines a list of enumerations used in the behavior tree engine system.
Delegates Defines a list of delegates used in the behavior tree engine system.
BtDebugger class API Implements a basic debug print class to display node operation specific information in the console of Unity Editor for demonstration purpose.
BtEngine Demo Utilities Implements basic GUI utilities in the BtEngineDemoGUI.cs script to test through all functionalities of the behavior tree engine system for demonstration purpose.